Important Announcement:
Today, during the Lilly Diabetes symposium, “Abasaglar – Experience Matters” taking place at 12:00 in Walnut Hall, there will be presenting Cristian Guja and Eduard Adamescu.

Thank you!

NEWS: Scientific Program is now available.

THE ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! No new registrations for the conference, events, or guest tickets are being accepted through the online system.
If you would like to register onsite or have questions about your registration, please contact us at interdiab@asrmn.ro
We look forward to seeing you at INTERDIAB 2016!


In keeping with our dedication to displaying artists work, INTERDIAB 2016 organizers are delighted to announce a unique art exhibition featuring Iranian artist NAZANIN ZADMEHR.

Although little known yet much admired by fellow artists, Nazanin Zadmehr beautifully combines her innovative work with fascinating aspects of her life, the result being absorbing, intriguing and unforgettable.

Cured Colors Canvas will feature many works by Zadmehr, all of which being for sale for those interested.

We look forward to sharing this opportunity with you at INTERDIAB 2016!

NEWS: Venue & Transportation at Interdiab 2016.

NEWS: InspireS for Interdiab 2016.

Anyone interested in participating to InspireS is asked to submit by March 1st a letter of intent at vivelian@yahoo.com, specifying their name, specialty and reason of attendance.
Thank you for your interest in INTERDIAB 2016

IMPORTANT NEWS: Paper Instructions are now available here.

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